CSR provides a comprehensive range of business and technical services covering all aspects of technology-enabled business transformation. In particular, we focus on how IT can make a real difference to your business by streamlining processes, building in adaptability, exploiting synergies, and bringing together information assets in new ways. That's what we call IT-Powered Business.

Our services are distinguished by clear thinking and exceptional problem solving skills, enabling us to shape innovative and cost effective solutions that address real business needs. Broadly these services comprise: Business Consulting, Technical Consulting, Solution Delivery, Managed Services. Within each broad category we offer many more narrowly targeted services.

Although our services are presented in a sequence that reflects a typical transformation lifecycle CSR is willing to engage at any one or more of these steps, offering clients a variety of engagement options.

Our Partner Network enables CSR to select from a range of high-quality products and services to augment our supply chain. In addition, we will work with other product vendors to provide our clients with the most suitable solutions to their business problems. Whatever the composition of CSR's supply chain, all of our services are provided in a spirit of partnership and with a level of honesty which most clients find refreshing.

Our client engagements and delivery projects range in commercial value from a few thousand rupees to over PKR 15 million: from a short consultancy study in one of our key areas of expertise to a tightly-managed team of over 50 developers. Whatever the scale of our clients' need, CSR can offer the right person or team to match.

So why choose CSR? Here are key reasons:

  • clients entrust CSR with their most sensitive and critical systems knowing that we will not let them down. We are utterly focused on providing a great service; we never play politics, and always fulfil our commitments. Our record of successful delivery is exemplary.

  • CSR prides itself on being highly responsive, in many cases commencing a project within days. Contractually, we take a very pragmatic approach and, once engaged, we are highly flexible ensuring that unforeseen changes are quickly absorbed.

  • CSR has a culture of excellence and quality. We employ, train and develop the most talented staff. We operate to the highest levels of business integrity and we're genuinely passionate about doing a good job for our clients. That's why our clients keep returning.

Business Consulting

CSR's Business Consulting practice provides a range of services to help clients align people, processes and technology with corporate and business unit strategy. This means scoping, analysing and defining business change and ensuring that the IT universe is properly enabled to support it. The drivers for such change are typically M&A activity, adjusting to changing market conditions, introduction of new products, consolidating or outsourcing business processes, and adapting to new regulatory environments.

Our Business Consulting services include:

  • At the corporate level, we look at how corporate information is structured; we analyse master data looking for data quality issues, inconsistent definitions and duplicates; we advise on governance and compliance issues, including data lineage and ETL procedures. At the project level we perform data cleansing and migration activities; model and design new data architectures; and advise on the complex data requirements associated with SOA initiatives.

  • CSR has considerable depth and client experience in this wide discCSRine. Working alongside key business stakeholders, we deconstruct corporate needs into high level business requirements that form the basis for a roadmap of IT change programmes. Drilling down to the project level, we set about eliciting detailed business requirements, and analysing the options and risks for implementation.

  • Our consultants are skilled in the full BPM lifecycle from process design and modelling, staying with the initiative through the development of the IT solution and beyond into monitoring and optimisation phases. Business Case Preparation. Usually acting in a supporting role, CSR will scope the transformation programme, documenting all significant cost elements, and performing risk analysis on events that would impact the programme.

  • All business transformation activity must be built upon a clear information systems strategy, including technology infrastructure. Having a deep understanding of information architectures and supporting technologies, and of ITIL and information security best practice, CSR is well qualified to drive the development of such strategies.

  • A crucial function that delivers successful outcomes from business change. CSR's programme managers provide full governance from business case through to benefits realisation. We have a working knowledge of MSP guidelines and have many PRINCE2-qualified practitioners within our Business Consulting practice.

All these services are offered either as self contained activities or as part of a full transformation lifecycle, including solution delivery, implementation and support. Recognising that every client is unique our consultants work collaboratively and sympathetically, adhering at all times to agreed terms of reference.

Technical Consulting

CSR's Technical Consulting practice translates business needs into practical, real-world technical architectures and detailed technical specifications. Getting this transformation right is critical to achieving a system that fulfils its expectations.

CSR's value lies in two key strengths: our proven ability to operate comfortably in both business and technical domains; and our sheer technical depth. This means that we can see immediately how technical options will affect business requirements, allowing us to confidently steer our clients around the many pitfalls present in IT projects of any size.

The benefit to our clients is that risks are properly understood and mitigated leading to much greater certainty that the change programme will yield its expected outcomes.

CSR's Technical Consulting services include:

  • Such studies can be a great way of testing competing options or getting buy-in from stakeholders. CSR has much experience of rapid prototyping techniques and will bring rigour and process to the study to ensure it yields a meaningful outcome.

  • Business requirements rightly say little about how they might be implemented using existing infrastructure or new technologies. CSR consultants will evaluate the pros and cons of a range of technical options, making recommendations on their viability and likely cost.

  • CSR has extensive experience in taking agreed business requirements and documenting a coherent set of detailed technical requirements. Our deliverables contain everything that any systems integrator, whether CSR or another supplier, will need to realise the proposed system. Solution Architecture. Although this is an integral part of defining detailed technical requirements, some of our clients simply want a specialist architect to design an appropriate solution architecture to support their business.

  • CSR is as comfortable working in a client-side advisory role as it is acting in a supply capacity. The range of services that CSR offers includes: procurement support, project review and audit, technical project management, and design authority.

  • Having provided consulting services in several sectors for around 15 years, CSR has amassed a wealth of high-value expertise in various specialist technical domains. Examples include Enterprise Shipping Solution, Solution for Clearing Agents, IT and communications infrastructure, mobility applications, and distributed database architectures, etc.

These services are offered either as self contained activities or as part of a full transformation lifecycle, including solution delivery, implementation and support. Recognising that every client is unique our consultants work collaboratively and sympathetically, adhering at all times to agreed terms of reference.

Solution Delivery

For around 15 years, CSR's core business has been its solution delivery service; that is, the development and integration of software solutions which fulfil our clients' business and technical requirements.

The products of our work are robust, well engineered systems supplied on time and within budget. Crucially, these systems are great value for money as they invariably give years of trouble-free service.

Whether integrated with GD or PACCS or One Customs products or crafted from the ground up, the solution is built using the most suitable and modern software technologies in order to provide an outstanding user experience.

Specifically, our services comprise:

  • CSR develops custom-built systems designed to run on any mainstream IT platform. CSR uses Microsoft Technologies as a deafult platform but we, also, develop systems for proprietary Unix variants, Linux and various embedded OS platforms. We have experience of many software technologies, too many to elaborate here.

  • CSR has outstanding system integration expertise. We are adept at integrating GD products with Our CAD in a heterogeneous vendor environment to deliver cost-effective solutions. However, our first concern is to select products that provide “best fit” against our clients' business requirements.

  • Integral to most solution delivery projects, CSR has great technical depth and know-how in the vital areas of customisation, data migration, user training, systems roll out and go-live support.

CSR's reputation is built upon helping clients derive maximum business value from information assets. Our domain experience is extremely broad; client developments include many challenging applications in every sector that we serve. Selected client engagements are described in the Market sectors area of this site.

In short, whatever your requirements, CSR has the skill, experience and dedication to make it happen.

Managed Servicess

Although Solutions Delivery is a key focus for CSR, we do not stop there. We stay involved throughout the life of a system to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the business and adapts to the inevitable changes that all enterprises experience. We offer flexible mix of post-delivery support services tailored to the application and your business needs.

Our managed services include:

  • CSR invariably offers post-delivery support as part of its Solution Delivery services. However, as every client and every application is different, so the nature of these services is determined by client need. Typically a tailored package of support services is constructed from a selection of options.

  • If your key applications are becoming expensive to maintain or if you are dissatisfied with the service you receive from your current support organisation, CSR may be able to help. We can take over the support and onward development of critical applications, transforming the quality of the service and greatly improving the efficiency of the application.

  • Software as a Service (SAAS) and remotely hosted applications are an increasingly common business model for reducing the cost of ownership. Your staff are freed from systems administration activities and the business can reduce its dependence on costly server rooms, air conditioning, and power continuity infrastructure. CSR offers a comprehensive remote hosting service where we take on the burden of all these overheads at secure, state-of-the-art facilities. Our clients get a trouble-free, liberating service for a flat monthly fee.