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Our Strength

Almost every organisation on this planet now relies heavily on information systems. The unique set of their IT needs driven by the nature of its business and its objectives. CSR's services are driven by this uniqueness.

Our business strategy is founded on getting to know its clients very well. Operating across business and technical domains, we have a natural ability to quickly understand the nature of each organisation. We earn our customers' trust be demonstrating this understanding, which leads to the building of long lasting partnerships.

Most of our work comes from our long list of established clients who have come to appreciate the significant contribution we can make to their businesses. They call us again and again - often placing us on the critical path of their major projects.

We work in a broad range of market sectors where the system requirements are highly complex and business success depends on reliable software. This breadth of experience gives us a unique perspective, providing a fresh view on business problems and their solution. The range and variety of our development projects is exceptionally broad. Whether you need a complete web-based enterprise application, a single software application or simply want to understand how software technologies can make your business more effective, we will deliver our best.

What our Clients say

  • "CSR is our software partner. As we transition to enhance our business reach to all over Pakistan, CSR's services and leading edge sofwtares will be vital to us"
    Irfan Ali Rashidi - C.E.O., Levant Express