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Clearing Agents

CSR has been a major force providing software services to Clearing Agents since the early 1990s. The main objective for the involvement of software specialists, such as CSR, has been the introduction of computerization in Karachi Custom House, which has required the rapid evolution of whole new software and hardware techniques. The sector has been characterised by two usually contradictory factors: the constant evolution of formats and the need for high reliability, which is essential for services sector applications. CSR has been at the forefront of a number of Clearing Agents Developments which needed great flexibility to handle substantial changes without compromising quality.

A simple yet detailed dashboard gives the management overall picture of the business along with key stats to keep their fingers on the pu

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The business of Clearing Agent has evolved considerably in last 10 years and with it the need of a reliable software that evolves with changing requirements. Online applications with dash-board style management console has just become a norm of the industry.

CSR has helped various significant Clearing Agents produce new dimension in their services by implementing our software applications. Apart from providing avenue to perform regular jobs, it also enables the company to stop the in-efficiency in operation and also keep tap on the free-flow of funds.

Being an ERP, finance is also an integral part of this solution. Every business entry is automatically glued to their financial contra.