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Freight Forwarders

When the smartest Freight Forwarders need software and systems consultancy for their business , they turn to CSR. Many of the Karachi's best Freight Forwarding services are made possible by our software.

Our depth of experience in Frieght Forwarding means that we understand our clients' technical and commercial problems, and so we are able to supply software which is not only technically correct, reliable and cost effective, but which meets our clients' real business needs.

Our quality consultancy makes us a reliable choice for business-critical software systems, while our practical approach and adaptability enable us to provide solutions matching the most demanding time scale.

Customer Facing Systems

Freight Forwarders are constantly striving to provide an ever better service for their customers. Our IT expertise and pragmatic approach make us ideally qualified to provide the sophisticated software solutions required for this, and in a short timeframe. This has led us into a wide range of business support systems work, with particular focus in the hot areas of customer care and revenue management.

We also help Freight Forwarders with business process analysis, quality engineering and general project and programme management services.