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Technical Consulting


CSR's Technical Consulting practice translates business needs into practical, real-world technical architectures and detailed technical specifications. Getting this transformation right is critical to achieving a system that fulfils its expectations.

CSR's value lies in two key strengths: our proven ability to operate comfortably in both business and technical domains; and our sheer technical depth. This means that we can see immediately how technical options will affect business requirements, allowing us to confidently steer our clients around the many pitfalls present in IT projects of any size.

The benefit to our clients is that risks are properly understood and mitigated leading to much greater certainty that the change programme will yield its expected outcomes. Specifically, CSR's Technical Consulting services include:

  • Proof-of-Concept or Pilot Study. Such studies can be a great way of testing competing options or getting buy-in from stakeholders. CSR has much experience of rapid prototyping techniques and will bring rigour and process to the study to ensure it yields a meaningful outcome.
  • Technical Options Analysis. Business requirements rightly say little about how they might be implemented using existing infrastructure or new technologies. CSR consultants will evaluate the pros and cons of a range of technical options, making recommendations on their viability and likely cost.
  • Detailed Technical Requirements. CSR has extensive experience in taking agreed business requirements and documenting a coherent set of detailed technical requirements. Our deliverables contain everything that any systems integrator, whether CSR or another supplier, will need to realise the proposed system.
  • Solution Architecture. Although this is an integral part of defining detailed technical requirements, some of our clients simply want a specialist architect to design an appropriate solution architecture to support their business.
  • Client-side Project Services. CSR is as comfortable working in a client-side advisory role as it is acting in a supply capacity. The range of services that CSR offers includes: procurement support, project review and audit, technical project management, and design authority.
  • Subject Matter Expertise. Having provided consulting services in several sectors for around 15 years, CSR has amassed a wealth of high-value expertise in various specialist technical domains. Examples include Enterprise Shipping Solution, Solution for Clearing Agents, IT and communications infrastructure, mobility applications, and distributed database architectures, etc.

These services are offered either as self contained activities or as part of a full transformation lifecycle, including solution delivery, implementation and support. Recognising that every client is unique our consultants work collaboratively and sympathetically, adhering at all times to agreed terms of reference.